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Who We Are

Compressor World is a worldwide online leader of selling air compressors for a wide range of business and industrial uses. Established in 2000, Compressor World presently maintains is main location south of downtown Boston and holds hundreds of compressors in their warehouse for quick shipment. It is said they are now the “Super Store” of air compressors.

Our Experience

Our team consists of compressed air specialists, not order takers. Compressor World excels because of our customer service and support... not to mention our great deals :) Don’t forget to meet the key members of the team.

Who am I Buying From?

COMPRESSOR WORLD is supported by a team of Compressed Air Experts; led by Matt Mazanec, Steve Bergamesca and Matt Murphy. The COMPRESSOR WORLD team specializes in selling industrial piston and rotary screw compressors, as well as vacuum pumps & all related tanks and dryers.  The managers have years of experience in the industry, and Mazanec and Bergamesca have used this expertise to design an easier way to purchase compressed air systems and related components.  In addition, wee believe our customer service exceeds that of any of our competitors.  Our team is available to answer any questions both before and after an equipment purchase.


COMPRESSOR WORLD succeeds because we help clients:

  • Make Educated Decisions
  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Get Equipment Fast

COMPRESSOR WORLD takes pride in quick shipments. We have teamed with some of the best compressed air suppliers and are able to ship direct from these factory stores, as well as from our 20,000 sq. ft. facility where we stock hundreds of machines.


Why should I buy compressed air products online?

There are certain advantages buy on-line - primarily:

  1. You get the best SERVICE from COMPRESSOR WORLD compared to any other company/website. 
  2. You get the best rates from COMPRESSOR WORLD compared to any other company/website.
  3. You are buying top brands from a company of trained Compressed Air Experts. 
  4. You can get Quick Delivery.
  5. You get local service from factory authorized dealers.
  6. You get to see and choose from a wide range of products before making a decision - all from the comfort of your home or office. No need to have multiple salespeople taking up valuable time, especially when you can call, chat online or email one of our experts.
  7. COMPRESSOR WORLD offers a secure and safe transaction with our certified and secure site for online payments
  8. You can use various modes of payment (Credit card/debit card, wire transfer, N/30 terms, or company check.). FINANCE options are also available.

Who will Service my Compressor or Component?

COMPRESSOR WORLD works with every manufacturer on supplying support on your compressed air system. Once your compressed air component has shipped, our compressed air expert will contact the buyer with the local service center’s information.


Compressor World - HQ

Compressor World, LLC
31 Schoosett Street, Unit 400
Pembroke Massachusetts, 02359

Phone:  508-230-7118
Fax: 508-230-7116
email: info@compressorworld.com


No Hassles, No Pitches, No Pressure – Just Great Customer Service

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